Announcing: AshniChrist

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Announcing our newest client, AshniChrist, hellbent on helping others achieve their streaming goals. Ashni has taken the strive to pioneer a new form of coaching in the gaming / content creation world. Stream Coaching.

“There will be a lot of people who make it on Twitch, but it will never be you.”

Those are the words that repeat and drive AshniChrist everyday. Since starting on the gaming-streaming platform in 2013, she’s had her rise and falls of what every broadcaster goes through. She had a sponsor, but, she wasn’t getting anywhere with her streams. One day, that sponsor called her and told her those words. It shocked her – so she stopped – but, she didn’t give up the dream. She learned as much as she could. Now she shares that knowledge by making content to help other streamers try to pursue their dreams, because, he was right. There will be a lot of people who make it. And she’s determined to help them.  Since going full-time in 2015 she has expanded her content across YouTube and Twitch, dedicating her time to help content creators figure out different topics from: Getting from 10 to 20 viewers, streaming quality, and more!

PressStart Management, is proud to bring Ashni on to their roster of beautifully talented Clients. We will be helping guide her and her stream coach business to be the best possible thing, booking her for public speaking, and of course – organizing her overwhelmed inbox.

Welcome, Ashni, and get ready to Press Start on your content.

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