2019 and Beyond

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2019 and Beyond

During the last few months of 2018, we were diligently working hard not only to grow our current creators but added a few more to our repertoire of amazing creators. From streamers to cosplayers, the content knows no bounds. We have many exciting things we’re working on for 2019 – we’ll give you a hint. Affiliates, we’re going to put out something to help you, soon™.

We want to thank all our creators, and all the brands we worked with last and can’t wait to keep working with you in the future. Now, you may see some new faces above – let’s give them a quick introduction, shall we?



Bittie has been streaming for 2 years, November 11th, 2016 was her first stream date.  She classifies herself as a small little lady, who is sort of derpy at video games, we can concur that she’s a bit derpy. But, we still love her. She enjoys making others smile, laugh while providing a chill and positive environment for those to hang out in. Her community is definitely like a family always watching out for each other, welcoming the new kids in and taking them under their wing. She usually streams anything from horror and exploration games to low-key RPGs. What is her all-time favorite game? Bio-shock. Also, fair warning she steals shirts from friends. She has so far successfully stolen one, last year, and is determined to double that this year. Beware.


Envyyous has been streaming for 5 years, he has a passion for competitive gaming – but, also has  a love for many other games as well.  A variety caster at heart, your sure to love his streams and content, he prides himself in being caring and compassionate about his friend and his community, it’s been a long road for him on the platform and he can’t wait to see what the next years give him.


Ryzn, has taken his love and passion for Pokemon to the next level, with each release of a Pokemon game, you’re sure to hear about it from him. Ranging from the different stats of Pokemon Go and how to get the best possible outcome of a shiny, to the best places to get that Pokemon you’ve been dying for he’s the man to turn to.  Besides, pokemon being his main content – he also started a channel that plays indie films 24/7 giving a place for indie filmmakers to show off their content to the universe, and giving it a platform to play on. Ryzn also has a keen passion for cosplay and the cosplay community, mash all his interests in one you get a very warm and loving nerdy community that just is compassionate to share their interests with one another.


Mysteriousdewd, is he mysterious though? He’s been streaming for 2 years full-time as of December 2016. His community is a weird assortment of crazy zany people who all appreciate raising money for charity and good causes. He has people who speedrun, people who are hardcore MMORPG players, people who are casual and an assortment of streamers big and small part of the community. He likes to apply his acting background by adding personality and flair to when he does story heavy games and loves to dress up in costumes to make his viewers happy and when they raise money for charity. His all-time favorite game? Final Fantasy 6 no question.


One of the pioneers of gaming talk shows on twitch, TheSpartanShow, has been around since 2013 making content on the platform in its early days. Not only is he an avid gamer, but he is also a fitness addict, singer, a father of four and a Veteran. This man is a true Spartan. His content has changed over the years on twitch, and now sticks to a strict regimen of various games from RPGs, to MMOs, and even battle royales. What’s next for this content creator? Big things, in our opinion hopefully not involving a roman battle.


When it comes to making great, high-quality, top-tier cosplay content. Well, you’ve come to both the right, and the wrong place. Peach is self-described known for bad gameplay and horrible cosplays. Although, we care to disagree and say that her cosplay’s give us life. But, that’s the management side in us. Her community is full of “big weeaboos with big loudmouths.” Even if they don’t have the same exact interests they welcome anyone with open arms and can all share a joke with each other. Her fans appreciate her complete honesty and bluntness, sharing whatever is on her mind at any moment and being real with her audience. Showing them her true self is what is important. You’ll find her in corners of conventions playing Animal Crossing.



We want to thank all these creators, for choosing to Press Start on their careers. Here is to 2019 and Beyond.

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