Announcing Press Start Clients!

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We are pleased to announce that with TwitchCon done and over, it’s time to call out the cavalry! The first wave of fresh new faces has arrived! But this isn’t all, keep your eyes peeled as we have more announcements coming soon of who has chosen to Press Start.


Wgrates was one of the first doggos on twitch! This corgi has been streaming for 3 years and has been a Twitch Partner for just as long. When he isn’t taking his human out for a walk, he enjoys playing all sorts of games from gear grinding games like Warframe and Monster Hunter World to single player games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gears of War, but especially loves playing co-op games with his corgi army! He streams six days a week while also working a full-time job handling the day to day life of whatever a dog does. We’re sure it’s long days of keeping the cats from taking over the world. Ask him what his favorite game is and if he has to choose, he’ll tell you he thoroughly enjoyed Xwing Alliance.


IcyRayne is a brilliant Partnered caster unique in every way located somewhere in the middle of nowhere Kansas

this long-time gamer found a love for streaming on Twitch and building a community who loves and supports her as much as she loves them. Her fiery personality definitely doesn’t match her hair color, and if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in the wee hours of the night. IcyRayne is your one-stop shop for late night gaming fun. From Monster Hunter World to Single Player story modes, she has a love for all games.


SlyakaGreyFox has been streaming since November 2013, and since then he has cultivated a community that can be described as “the most chill” on Twitch. After 3 years he got partner on Twitch, and it was well-earned. His community is welcoming and tight-knit and if you’ve ever had an unpleasant day and merely want to sit back and relax. He has the community for you. His game repertoire includes JRPG’s and Visual novels. Don’t ask him to pick a favorite game, though. It’s too hard! You can catch him 7 days a week at 12 pm EST.



Do you like metal music? Pop-punk was your jam growing up? Do you like getting Hype? Doodybeard might be the streamer for you. Streaming for almost three years Doody has always wanted to entertain, and so he does. The self-proclaimed “the Loudest Party on Twitch” this man brings the party for sure. He never sticks with the norms of Twitch. Consistently discovering ways to raise the bar and give interesting fun content that you can’t find anywhere else. That is his goal. He tries not playing the same game twice in a row as he likes giving his audience a variety of things to watch and comment on. You’ll find him 6 days a week starting around Midnight PST rocking the twitch sphere!


xoTigBitties or Alex, as she’s also known, hopes to bring more to her stream by continuing to just be herself. Her community has stuck with her for almost two years, and she attributes it to her awkward, embarrassing, competitive and genuine care for people. Bringing a mix of comedic game-play mixed with a competitive edge she’s sure to give you a chuckle and a wonderful stream to make new friends in.

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