Welcome to Press Start!

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Welcome to Press Start!

After grueling hard work – sleepless nights and lots of coffee, we’ve finally given birth to our figurative dream baby. Now, you must wonder who and or what is Press Start? How can Press Start help me as a content creator or brand?


When I began my own journey as a brand, I started an Entertainment News website geared towards Tweens and Young adults. I spent 10 hours a day on it. By making that commitment – my following grew to 10k in 6 months. Within that 6 months, I also decided to plan an event known as That So Summer, a charity music event, with upcoming YouTubers and musicians, appearing and performing. I sold out a popular venue right off Hollywood Blvd, the Avalon, and raised close to ten thousand dollars for The Painted Turtle. That was a dream come true. After that, I began dabbling in radio broadcasting, more event production, personal assisting musicians, and some freelance marketing and PR. To say the least over the years I’ve dabbled in everything. I also began uploading on YouTube part-time during that time to share my journey, and I didn’t get very far with YouTube. But, YouTube wasn’t my niche, and Youtube isn’t for some people. The niche I later found out that I excelled in was Instagram and Twitch. After immersing myself in it; I’ve met so many fantastic people and creators.

The inspiration for PressStart came from the necessity I saw in the content creator community. So many influencers struggle with what to ask for or who to speak with when it came to collaborations and partnerships with brands. Thus  I began offering my skills and before you know it PressStart was born, I handled the business side while they focused on creating quality content.


What we offer is not only promotional opportunity help but community management help. We understand that as you grow your audience of 40 suddenly jumping to hundreds can be a bit stressful. So, we help with that whether it is community moderation or organizing events for your community. We strive to be completely transparent in all our dealings with you, and our main goal is for you to Play. Create. Expand.

Through our website, Twitter, email, Facebook message or carrier pigeon we are here to help everyone, no matter the question. If you are lost and not sure where to turn, reach out to us. If you have a concern about a contract, reach out to us. Debt from a previous sponsorship still not paid? Reach out to us.

~ Taylor Renee | CEO

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